14 January 2009

Dreamation Drama!

See this from Stone Baby Games (which is me, in case you didn't know). I mean drama in a good way!

I'm really looking forward to Dreamation this year! I'm also going to bring Werewolves of Miller's Hollow to play, inspired by the awesome story that was created in the Knife Fight Werewolf forum game. I'd like to play this bluffing and strategy game with lots of character development and story.

The picture above is of the character in Brotherhood of the Wolf who was the inspiration for my NPC Parthenia, who was the twin sister of my PC William Christian Ellsworth the Printer. Wrong time period, but I imagined her wearing red. How could an unmarried woman named "Parthenia" not wear red in a story about werewolves? Poor Will, by the way, was the next to last character to be hanged.

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