07 October 2008

Paintalicious Makes Me Happy

I've been spending too much time reading about the election. It's horribly distracting, and I'm really fed up with the micro-reporting of unimportant bytes. I'm considering not watching the debates tonight, just so I can get my life back. I know whom I'm gonna vote for, I'm even a little confident that my guy will win. Perhaps I need to jump off the political train wreck.

Steve sent me a link to a tentacle sex picture today. I couldn't access the link, so I went to the main website, and what a site it is. I also liked the octopus affection prints of Chiara Bautista. So go now to paintalicious.org and forget about that dirty old man and the witch doctor-blessed lipstick-wearing-barracuda-shaped talking balloon for just a moment. It will all be over soon, and they will go away.

We're playing a really fun game right now. I want to say more, but I just woke up (worked last night) and I'm not feeling particularly eloquent, so I'll refer you to the art of Chris Anthony, which reminds me of my character.

Thanks, Steve!

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GB Steve said...

Glad you liked it. It seems to be on the rise, the tentacle, I wonder if people are hearing the call. I followed a link from the site and found this page with a couple more.