29 May 2008

I was a new mama today

Nine years ago today I became a mother for the first time. We named our daughter Amelia Beatrice. I liked the name Amelia, Chris liked Beatrice. When the midwife asked what we wanted to name our baby, Chris chimed in first. He said later that he used my choice because, as he put it, I had worked so hard to birth her. Still, Amelia is very much a "Bea". It's rare that we actually call her by her first name. Here are some more funny tidbits about Bea's early days.

We couldn't agree on a boy's name, so if Bea had been a boy (we didn't find out until she was born) she might have been Joshua, Jacob, Jesse, Jedediah, or Primo. I preferred the J names. If Ingrid had been a boy (we found out before she was born) I was really pushing for Jedediah again. I liked Josiah, too. I really like Clint Eastwood westerns, and old fashioned names.

Bea was born with a very distinct "WTF???" look on her face. The whole eviction from the womb apparently threw her for a loop. To this day, she still has trouble with sudden transitions.

She was 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. She was the exact same weight as I was. Her little sister was nearly a pound more. She had blue eyes until she was about 5 months old, then they turned gray, and then they turned green/hazel. She had a head full of black hair.

One of Bea's first words was "no". Others were "mama", "papa" and "bear". She was an early talker and walker.

She and our late dog Kaya the rottwieler got along famously. When Bea grows up she wants to be a vet.

For about two years (age 2-4) her favorite article of clothing was a pink shorts and tank top set with batiked shells on it. She called it her pink outfit, and she would wear it for days on end. She was way too big for it by the time I hid it in my drawers. Ingrid's worn it a couple of times, but she's not obsessed with it.

Bea nursed until she was almost 5. She hadn't nursed for about 3 months when I got pregnant with Ingrid. She called nursing "nip".

Bea's imaginary friend was named Annie and she lived in a castle.

Bea's favorite book as a baby was Big Little Lion.

Bea has an aversion to buttons, and hasn't worn anything with buttons (even just for decoration) since she was 3. She's not fond of snaps and zippers, either, and try as she might, she really doesn't like jeans. Her aversion was so strong at one point that if someone else was wearing buttons she wouldn't touch that person, and she wouldn't sit in a chair with a buttoned shirt or jacket hanging on the back. She once told me she was afraid of them.

Bea loves reading and math. She's an amazing artist.

Bea and I bicker because we are so much alike. I think she's much cooler than I am or ever was, though. Her persistence and tenacity will serve her well as she gets older. She has a dark sense of humor. She is a loyal friend with a sensitive soul.

Happy Birthday Blooter!

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