10 November 2007

Strength of Strings

It's on it's way. My custom built 21 chord chromatic B model zebra wood autoharp by Timbreline Music. I have the UPS tracking code. As I type this, it's still in Colorado. Estimated delivery date is this Thursday. I have a good feeling it will be worth the wait.

The arrival of a new autoharp makes me want to finish putting the Lumbert Mountain Music diatonic chord bars on my OS EBH/R. (That's an Oscar Schmidt autoharp made in the 70's) Steal Away Jordan forced autoharping to the back burner this past year, but since I'm working on a game where folk music is an integral part of play, I'll have good reason to get strumming. Murder Ballad Blackjack will have the lyrics and chords to about 25 murder ballads.

My heart's all a-flutter! I'm also expecting some blodpudding to show up on my doorstep any day now. Blodpudding, autoharps, what joyful things arrive by mail.

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