06 September 2007

Birthday Girl

That there is a picture of yours truly, because today is my birthday. I love birthdays, especially my kids' birthdays, but mine's been pretty fun so far.

And here's a quick run down of what I did:

Bea and Chris woke me up singing "Happy Birthday" and bear carrot cake and gifts. The gift was a game called Dread Pirate: Buccaneer's Revenge. He said given my interest in pirates lately (even though they aren' funny), he thought I would like it. He was right. I still think highwaymen are cooler, unless you're talking about the pirates we played at GenCon. Anyway, I hope to play Dread Pirate tonight.

Chris took Bea to school.

I went to the TV studio and taped another interview for Local Bias, the talk show I host.

Ingrid and I hung out for a while. I surfed the internet, she napped. I ate more cake.

I picked Bea up from school, and it all went downhill from there. I took the girls to the grocery store and they about tried to kill each other, and take me down in the fray. I grounded Bea from the County Fair parade today. I know, I'm a mean mom. You should've been there. I wish someone was. It was hard to keep my cool, but I managed just minimum amounts of annoyed mother snarkiness.

And here I am, talking about my birthday. Tonight I'm going to play with Emily, Meg, Joshua, and Vincent, maybe Chris will hang out a little, too. We're in the middle of In a Wicked Age. I hope we continue with that.

I almost forgot! Two very old, and very scary composition baby dolls came in the mail today. They are of the Scary Doll RPG and Doll Embellishment Project. They're scarier than they were in the photos. I have five more dolls coming soon, and hope to have a skeleton draft of rules worked up by the end of September. I'll take pictures soon and share. The working title of the game is Malice: Stories of Doll Love and Fear.


John Harper said...

Happy birthday!

How was Dread Pirate?

Parthenia said...

It was really fun! I got to play again with Meg and Vincent. Chris and I made up a house rule where you name the captain of your ship. Meg was Captain Anderson, a fine upstanding naval captain turned pirate after his crew decided to mutiny. He mutineed with them. Vincent was Captain Pigfuck, of course, and I was Captain Abyssinia, of course. That made Vincent squirm and shudder.

Captain Anderson won. Abyssinia came in second, and Pigfuck last. It was a close game, until Anderson kept attacking Abyssinia, taking her gold and gems bit by bit. Pigfucks problem was that he didn't broadside enough.

Needless to say, it was really fun to add the "in character" piece.