07 June 2007

Food, Wherefore Art Thou?

This is a really an update of my previous post. I'm still sick. Tomorrow is my last day at my hell job and I got so sick I had to leave at 11:15. I went home, managed to get some food in me, which hasn't come up the same way or exploded out the other end, and my stomach feels somewhat settled. I feel lucky. I fear my luck could run out of my ass at any moment though.

I have a sensitive stomach on the best of days. Still, I love to eat, I like to try new things. Ever since I was pregnant with Bea I've been a happy omnivore. I don't eat huge amounts of meat. I'm wondering if I should return to the vegetarianism of my youth (I was a vegetarian and occasional vegan for about 14 years), or at least give the vegetarian diet a trial run for six months. I bought bacon for the first time in a couple of years. Maybe I'll finish the package first. And the locally raised lamb shanks in the freezer. I couldn't go a pregnancy without eating sushi, can I go six months? I think I have to re-evaluate the diet re-evaluation.

The fact is, I'm healthier eating meat occasionally. It's easier to put food on the table. Bea is the world's pickiest eater, and she has no interest in being a vegetarian. Neither does Chris. I don't think Ingrid cares right now. There's nothing I miss about being a vegetarian. My stomach was sensitive back then, too. We live in an area when you can buy meat from local farmers, support local agriculture, and put a face on your food. This is the kind of omnivorism I like.

What I need to do is start eating the fun rich foods slowly and stick with brown rice, garbanzo beans, and yogurt for a few more days. The bacon won't go bad.

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