15 August 2003

I know it's been a long time. Very busy. Trying to cram in as much fun, crafting and family time as possible before school starts and I have no time for fun, crafts or family. But I did make some stuff. And I am about to embark on yet another making stuff endeavor: my very own medieval garb. (GASP!) It was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm going to make a complete 14th century French woman's outfit with shift, underdress (kirtle-type thing, I think) and sideless surcoat. I'm using rocking horse farm's pattern #140. I just bought the fabric for the surcoat: burgundy colored lightweight wool, and the lining, which I think I'll use for something else because the colors clash in a wrong way. I'm bidding on ebay for recycled mink or rabbit fur for trim (yes, the real stuff--philosophical/moral quandary aside). Next week before we go to Maine I'm going to get the underdress material. I'm thinking linen or silk, maybe more wool. I can't decide. I might go for a synthetic damask, I'm still debating. I'd like to go all natural in the material, especially since I justified using real animal hides rather than synthetic nylon/plastic-derived/chem-fabric whose byproducts are probably bad for the environment. This is going to be my non-summer garb, since I have a perfectly wonderful summer outfit.

The goal is to make the outfit while we're in Maine. This means I probably won't take any knitting. What am I saying? I can't commit to leaving my needles at home. So many crafts, and the clock is ticking.

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