21 August 2003

Bought the underdress material today. Blue velveteen, cotton. I bid and won an auction for a lot of 12 fur collars which I will use for trim on the surcote. The collars are mink, fox, coyote, rabbit, and something else I can't remember. Recycled and old but real. I have stayed true to my word of not using synthetic materials. But then there's the cotton issue. Cotton production is polluting. And I think my thread is cotton coated polyester. One can never win.

This week I started on the shift, which I'm sloppily making out of off white cotton muslin that I used to use for a turban for the Italian Ren dress, but it was so heavy (all 5 yards of it) it gave me a migraine the one day I wore it. But it looked really good. Now I use a smaller one that wraps just as nicely. It's a good thing I'll be using this dress as an undergarment. It's a good thing to practice with, too. I'm learning from my mistakes. It's pretty fun, but it doesn't compare to knitting. I don't think anything really does, though. Cross stitch was fun, but I really need magnifying glasses to do it. I could use a pair for using the sewing machine, too, that's for sure. I might make a little trip to CVS tomorrow...

So the overdress will lace up the back, so it will have a snugger fit. The surcoat will defineitely have a train. Now I have to think of headgear. A simple circlet and a white or blue silk sheer veil is what I have in mind. A cord or braided belt. Maybe a leather one.

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