29 September 2010

Hating the Haters Is Bringing Me Down

I'm astounded by the explosion of Islamophobia. I'm not so surprised by it. I'm just surprised at how many seemingly reasonable and kind people are letting their nasty, hateful side shine out there in public. It's perfectly okay these days to hate Muslims.

I don't even have to go within a two block radius of Ground Zero to see it. Check out the brain trust just down the highway from me: This is Hate Speech. This can incite violence against innocent people. Just read some of the comments. What is wrong with people? Why is this acceptable? What if his sign said "Catholics will destroy us from within" or "Japanese people will destroy us from within" or "Jews will destroy us from within" or... Oh, wait. Those signs have been posted in the past, the not too distant past.

No longer astounded. As you were. Reality checked.

He changed the sign to something not much better.

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