03 May 2010

May Day!

Hi there! Long time no blog. I have much to catch up on, so here are some things you may read about in the weeks to come.

Mr. E and I went to Denmark. I was the guest of honor at Fastaval. I ran a larp that Emily Boss and I have been working on called What to Do About Tam Lin. We ran it on two previous occasions at Dreamation in February and Intercon in March. Fastaval was an amazing convention. I was honored (and somewhat overwhelmed my "how on earth did I get here" feeling) to be the guest of honor. I played some incredible games, and developed a taste for schnapps (I know, haraam...) and renewed my love for picked herring. Best of all, the hosts and attendees at Fastaval made Mr. E and me feel welcome and at home. I am saving up to go next year--or to Knutepunk next year. At some point I will write about my experiences in more detail, but here's a quick run down of what I played.
Epifani (wicked, disorienting fun!)
The Journey (my favorite!!!)
Behind Your Back
I ran Previous Occupants, which I first played at Dreamation.
The worst part of my Denmark trip was that US Customs seized my 6 packages of blodpudding (I know, haraam...).

I made a commitment to finish Tales of the Fisherman's Wife in 3 months, which means I purchased a new to me MacBook Pro, which means I will be writing more once the new laptop arrives. It's sooo close to being done.

I continue to love my job as a behavioral instructor. I was just promoted this weekend.

Rivers of kombucha flow in my continuous brewer. I have more SCOBY's than I know what to do with.

While I'm no longer doing Local Bias on GCTV, (working days prevent me from being at the studio on Thursday mornings), I will be working with Drew Hutchison on a show about the local gaming scene.

I'm on week 4 of Couch to 5k. Who knew I'd like running?! Not me!

My love/hate relationship with gardening continues to vacillate.

Hopefully, my new computer will get here before Friday and I will take it to Philadephia, where Ingrid, Bea and I will meet Dr. Bond for Mother's Day weekend. I'll start with those Fastaval write-ups in between the Fisherman's Wife work. In the mean time, happy spring!

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