23 December 2008

Lucky Goose

I picked up the official 2008 Christmas Goose today. It's a fine lean and meaty bird, weighing in at a bit over 8 pounds. When I tried to pay for it, the farmer didn't have enough change to give me. "I'll buy something else." I said, and started looking around the very empty and unheated storefront/office. They used to sell all kinds of stuff like locally made sauces, spices, and game meat. The spices and sauces still sat on the shelves. The refrigerated case was empty (I'll miss the venison sausage in the stuffing this year.)

"Well, I'm giving all those things away. Take whatever you want," she said.

I picked up a bottle each of blueberry vinegar, cranberry vinegar, garlic wine vinegar, and dill infused sunflower oil, and brought them to the counter. If I had paid for them, it would have come to about $5 more than the change for the goose. "Really, I'm giving those away. Pick up a few more...I'll be right back." Said the farmer. While she went into the back room, I picked up an extra bottle of blueberry vinegar, cranberry vinegar, and herb blends #1 and 3.

She returned a minute later with a big box of more sauces and preserves. "Call it even?" She said.

"Okay." I said, stunned.

She opened the cash register and handed me a $5. "I'm really giving this all away." She said. I'll feel better if you take the five. You carry the goose, and I'll bring out the box. I'm not sure how sturdy it is."

On our way out the door, she put a couple jars of spices in the box. She put the box in the back of the Jeep, I thanked her profusely, and we went on our way.

When I got home I took all the jars and bottles out of the box and tallied the prices from the bottom of the jars. If I had paid for it all it would have cost about $115. I only needed $12.85 change from paying for the goose after she gave me $5. Here's what she put in the box. They're all locally produced from various small food companies or farmers, and/or from local produce:

Apple cider BBQ glaze, garden chili sauce, HOT red pepper relish, pickled dill beans, apricot butter, fig preserves, teriyaki sauce, ponzu sauce, szechuan sauce, garlic wine vinegar, cranberry vinegar, blueberry vinegar, two types of herb vinegar, dill infused sunflower oil, lemon pepper, ground basil, and cajun style blackened seasoning.

Picture credit: http://www.fotolog.com/fmsbotelho/15522875

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