12 September 2008

Next Week I Return to the Stabbing

Anyone wonder where his or her pretty Fisherman's Wife book is? I have them. I'm working on them. After GenCon, mundane life jumped on me, school started, I went back to work, had a birthday (I'm 38!), went back to being a Wife myself, and those fleeting hours devoted to bookbinding fled. Next week looks calmer. My work schedule is much kinder, Bea's settled in school, so I'll finish them up and mail them.

Here's something fun to tide you over. Click on the image to see it bigger, then make your own word cloud:

Speaking of Bea, my cool 9 year old has taken up the drums in band. She's a rocker chick in the making!

1 comment:

GB Steve said...

Hurrah for stabbing and drumming!