23 August 2008

Boot Girl

Okay, let's pretend for just a moment that GenCon never happened. That would be a terrible thing, because GenCon was actually quite fantastic for the most part. Fisherman's Wife did well, even though I am still binding and sending out the fancy versions. And it was such a pleasure to meet new people and see old friends.

The drive to and fro was loads of fun. Couldn't ask for better travelling partners than Tom and Graham. I learned so much slang, and engaged in potty humor. There were tragedies, like how I left all the unbound text of Fisherman's Wife and access to cash at home. And as if I needed reminding why I married Chris, the apple of my eye, my beloved FedExed my books, and I sold out of every one. Fisherman's Wife was mentioned in Ken Hite's "The New Hotness" column of the GenCon program. Steal Away Jordan did okay, all things considered.

I played a meaner, crueler pirate than Abyssinia from last year's Poison'd game. This time I played Seamus McShee, a woman disguised as a young man, who went from grumpy gunnery master to captain. Highlights of Captain McShee's career included ordering the cook and surgeon to cut up the body of a vanquished captain and feed him to his crew, and holding a red hot coin in the surgeon's hand because s/he disobeyed my command. Not a pleasant fellow. I also played a hard drinking space trooper Corporal Maggie "Shamrock" O'Malley in 3:16 (very much a pleasant fellow), and got through the darkest and saddest Fisherman's Wife with Ron Edwards.

But let's pretend none of that happened for now. Let's consider John McCain's $520 Ferragamo loafers. That's crazy! I mean they're okay, but he could've paid $90 for a similar pair of Kenneth Coles, and not gotten ridiculed about his footwear. And I can certainly appreciate a pair of Ferragamos.

I understand, Senator McCain, I have a shoe thing myself, rather, a boot thing. I get it from the woman who introduced me to Ferragamos, Dr. Bond, my shoe and handbag loving mom. I loves me some boots, especially lace up boots and cowboy boots. For the past few years, I've plunked down a few bucks for fashionable and comfortable boots. Not $520 a pair, but then again I know I own only one house. Maybe if things were different... Anyway, my birthday is coming up, and most years I treat myself just for the sake that I exist. A dubious reason to buy yet another pair of shoes, but there it is. Maybe if I ran for president I'd have a better excuse. This year was no different. See above, my hot new Made in the USA Lucchese western style boots. I think they're way cuter than Senator McCaine's Ferragamos.

A shared love of shoes does not a president make, though. I'm still an Obama Mama--in my freakin' awesome Night Cactus Lucchese Cowgirl boots that I got for a [relative] steal from Grapevine Hill!.

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