03 March 2008

Go to sleep, America!

I had a hard time sleeping after last night's shift, and found myself still awake at 10 am. This will not bode well for tonight. I hope my patients need lots of bathroom breaks so I don't zone out or worse, fall asleep.

Rachel Ray
had a cool segment on sleep studies. I'm seeing more and more mainstream media on sleep disorders. 70% of Americans report being tired all the time, or something like that. I'll save my sermon on sleep and health for another time, but there's a link between obesity and poor sleep. Lose weight, eat better, you'll sleep better. Actually, it's not that easy. If you're too tired to make lifestyle changes, doing what you need to do to sleep better is that much harder. Okay, climbing off the soap box.

I love my job (I'm a sleep tech). I love it when people wake up and report having the best night sleep they've ever had, despite the fact that they're wired from head to toe, and wearing a CPAP mask for the first time. Getting a good night's sleep can be a life changing event.

The [cruel] irony that I couldn't sleep before going to work to watch people sleep is not lost on me.

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