20 June 2003

a case of curiosities - fine art taxidermy & assemblage
If you haven't noticed already, I am at times drawn to the morbid, freakish, bizarre. To me it's all life, and if there weren't so many Walmarts in the world, more people would find some of my interests more mundane. But no, you can't generally find violent or incestuous folk ballads at Media Play, and you can't get a large tattoo at the ear piercing kiosk at the mall. And you still have to find a locally owned taxidermy shop to get a bull's horn to make your gemshorn. And this is a good thing. You have to go to your neighbor's locally owned store to find these things, and you have to talk to people to find out where to find the best of these curiosities. Walmart is not your neighbor. Walmart, no offense to my parents who *love* Sprawlmart, is the enemy of the neighborhood as we know it.

Okay, excuse while I climb off my soapbox. My knees are a little stiff. Anyway...Check out this refreshing and non-morbid taxidermy website. Bring your sense of humor and enjoy!

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