18 February 2003

Well, it's official. If I lived in Medieval times, I'd be a Shepherd. Makes sense, I suppose.
For Valentine's Day/Profit Sharing Check Day the Ram bought a new snowboard, bindings, boots, and pants. I just ordered an Italian Renaissance Day Dress, chemise, and tie on sleeves from Peacock Design Studio I really have to hit some Renaissance Faires this summer. I've committed myself. Maybe I could even test the market for gemshorns....
Actually I got a cute little pendant with a blown glass mushroom in it. That was from Lucky Little Lamb, and Ram. I gave the Ram the drawings that Jeremy did of Ram as a mythical king and me as a green elf (with really big breasts. Well done, Jeremy!), and the really really long poem I wrote. Next Valentine's Day I think I'll do a Highwayman theme. The elf thing is getting old after two years in a row.
I got a 100 on the paper I bitched about. Whew!
My OB instructor is the Devil, but my clinical instructor kicks ass. Too much busy work. Not enough thought required. Such a shame.

Very Very Stressed Out.

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