26 January 2003

I'm revising what I wrote earlier about the book report. I finished it and handed it in, and I'm not grumpy anymore about it....

On a less creative note (movie/TV vegetation) I broke down and got a membership to Blockbuster Video. And had a Sean Bean film fest--the ones I hadn't seen, and couldn't find a the Movie Gallery: Patriot Games (haven't finished it. High vegetation quotient), Essex Boys (nauseating, but entertaining), Anna Karenina (High swoon quotient. Wish I had time to read the book.), Bravo Two Zero (great for a war movie. Eerie given that we're on the brink of war with Iraq again. Totally grossed out when he's forced to clean shit with his hands and lick his fingers.) Which reminds me, I just got word that Frodo Has Failed!

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